We’re all Just Dangling Feet


We’re all just dangling feet, in a way.

Cycling whimsically through the void, accruing pay.

Drinking booze and seeing fuzzy, for a lay.

Doing all we can do, to shield the grey.

But what waits around the next bend, what’ll grow?

Will it rain or will it shine, will it snow?

Who cares!

We’re the watchers and the dancers at once, don’t ya know?

Muddy your hands scruff up your face, jump in the flow.

The word “live” is an active verb, oh it’s true.

Suck in the air heave out your lungs, blow the kazoo.

Let down your hair, make a fool of yourself too.

Remember that it’s all right to be your youest you.

For we’re all just dangling feet, in a way.

Life comes only once, so make it gay.

Dance and whistle and pop and bounce, without delay.

Carve yourself a wobbly smile, do it today.

The end.

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