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We at the Odd Sock have a slight bias for surrealism as an art form. (Because it’s weird.) So we also have a slight bias for surrealist artists, whose work unfolds the magical, gooey middle that exists between objective reality and the mind’s fictional dreaming.

For as Poe asks, ‘Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?’ It’s a question that’s boggled the greatest philosophical minds since we stopped flinging bananas and faeces at one another and started walking upright clad in suits and worried stares, a question that will continue to boggle philosophers and scientists until the end of the human’s time.

So when we found the work of Korean artist Daehyun Kim ~ aka Moonassi ~ we just had to share him with you guys, the Odd Socks.

The key to thinking about Moonassi’s work lies in the name itself. Daehyun likens his artist’s name Moonassi to the Buddhist word Anatta, which loosely translates as meaning non-self. It’s an amalgamation of the ideas of non-self, transience, and suffering. 

Sometimes when artists describe their own work the observer is left thinking, ‘What the f#ck? I didn’t get that at all.’

But in the case of Moonassi, the way he describes his art and how it looks seems fairly on point. 

He only uses black and white because he says that’s all he needs to communicate what he wants to communicate, and what he wants to communicate is an empty space between the observer and the observed, i.e. the art and the person gawking at the art.

Speaking of gawking ~ shall we?

The end. 


Moonassi’s website


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