My only gripe is that this sock is more than merely its green and white stripes. 

Ah. Yes. This Gripe is little more than an uninventive amalgamation of the words ‘stripe’ and ‘green’. It very easily could have turned out as Streen. But then what would we have to complain about? 

Non sequiturs is what. If you’ve read this far and you’re still not amused, I’ve bad news for you. We’ve hit the end of the road, and the path to salvation remains buried beneath nonsense unsaid. Bah humbug! Just get some socks; that’ll be sure to make you feel better.




Sock 1: 

Mint green. White.

Sock 2:

Mint green. White.

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100% combed cotton. Produced in China. Everything’s a little odd beneath the surface.

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36-40, 41-46


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