Quality Testing

Step 1: The Toenail Test


We know that a sock that can’t withstand the wrath of a long, sharp toenail isn’t worth your money. That’s why, before testing our samples, the Odd Sock himself grew out his hideous purple toenails. With those extra terrestrially long nails then, he wore our socks bike riding, played tennis in them, ran a marathon – he even took them underwater in a show of synchronised swimming. Now he’s happy to report that our Odd Socks are perfectly capable of enduring even the jaggedest toenails. 

Step 2: The Sniff Test


Smelly socks are smelly. The obvious aside, no one likes a smelly sock. (Wait, that was obvious too. Be quiet, voices. Shush.) Okay. Where was I? Where were we? Yes, that’s right. Smelly socks are smelly, and no one likes a smelly sock. As part of our quality testing, the Odd Sock wore a single (odd) pair of socks for three months straight, without washing them. By the end of it, his now black socks were, in truth, quite disgusting. But they weren’t that disgusting. Which is our point. Because our socks are 100% cotton, they don’t develop that eye-watering stench that synthetic fabrics often acquire. Jolly good.

Step 3: The Whole Truth


These are not the greatest socks in the world. They are just a tribute. To the greatest socks in the world. Which can only be decided by an individual. Subjectively.

On a more serious note (adopts stern, business face), what we can tell you, with open palms and uncrossed fingers, is that our socks won’t develop holes within a short period of time, they’ll wash well, they won’t unreasonably fray, and for the most part, they’ll stay painted on your calves without sinking to your ankles.

Always remember – the best things in life are odd.

The Odd Sock is a fictional character. He therefore did not grow out his purple toenails for two months before quality testing, as he does not have purple toenails. He did not wear the socks while bike riding, playing tennis, running a marathon, or synchronised swimming, as he did not indulge in any such activities. Needless to say, he didn't wear them for two months straight without a wash. To reiterate, he is the fictionalisation of a real person (who has asked to remain anonymous). The Odd Sock thanks you. (The person, not the character. Although the person is quite a character.) Thank you. Cheerio.