Meet the founders



During uni Rob worked in fashion part-time to support him and his pet rock. Because of his perspicacious eye for pretty things, he’s the design/marketing wizard behind this Sockery. (Or, as he’d say, the Sock-end Coming.)

In his spare time he enjoys writing novels, screaming at possums and poorly written signs, and staring at trees. He’s a lover of Nabokovian prose, aged whiskey, and fresh watermelon. One last thing he wanted me to tell you is that he hasn’t worn matching socks since 2009. How odd.



Nat completed her commerce degree in Christchurch in 2012. Having specialised in human resources and operations management, coupled with her years of hospitality management experience, Nat developed a splendiferously organised and practical mind. Which is why she takes care of the business side of the Sockery.

She bears a special talent for making yummy home-baked treats, sharing unconditional kindness, and remembering completely useless details about what she had for lunch. She doesn’t wear matching socks either, but out of laziness rather than pointless eccentricity.

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