The Idea: How it all Began


There is, believe it or not, an idea behind this odd brand’s name and all that it stands for. Two ideas actually. A double entendre, if you will.

Idea One

The Character: The Odd Sock

The Odd Sock is a fictional character, an eccentric chameleon on a quest to inject some colour into the world. Carrying only a sprinkle of pixie dust and magical sunbeams as ammunition, he plans on setting the world alight, and weaving smiles as broad as rainbows on the world’s many faces.

He is not, to be clear, a cool guy. He isn’t edgy. He ain’t the popular kid on the block. He is not in the least concerned with being anything in particular. Not at all.

Indeed, he is simply he, which is all he’ll ever endeavour to be. (He’s also a big fan of Dr Seuss, as you might see.)

He’s a figure representing the transcendent, the recalcitrant, the subversive, the brave and daring – the voice that says without saying, Let’s colour outside the lines prescribed to us by the Line Makers; let’s frolic in puddles, drop our heads back, look up at the stars, and allow our glittering quirks to seep out into the open air.

In other words, the Odd Sock is a celebration of all that is weirdly wonderful and wonderfully weird – odd – a celebration of the magical painter inside all of us who just wants to shine.

Idea Two

The Socks: Odd Socks

This one’s pretty straightforward: mismatched socks.

Although we sell our socks in matching pairs (which is likely to soon change), all of our socks are designed to be worn odd.

Our patterns and colours are imagined as single pieces to a larger puzzle; they aren’t designed in isolation. We want you to mix and match them.

Splice a dot with a stripe, or a zag with a zig. Wear a red sock on your left foot, and a blue one on your right. The possibilities are endless (well, figuratively at least).

The idea behind the Odd Sock can be summed up as simply this: Whoever you are, whatever you do, never forget to let your inner odd sock tickle the world weird.

The end. 

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